I'm often asked what tools I use in my business. It took years of trial and error before I 'settled' on a few tools and resources that I now cannot be without. Here are a few of them, together with some other recommendations you might find useful. Enjoy!  Click on the Logo's for links.

The Coaches Console is the system I use to give me a sexy back-end for my business. Everything from my website, payments, emails, calendar and so much more is handled in this one-stop shop. It was designed for Coaches, by coaches. The service is second to none and they are always adding to the system. The link is my affiliate link for which I receive a small fee should you sign up for CC.


I've been with Bluehost for many years and love the service they offer. A chat box is available so you aren't left 'in a queue' and fixes are quick and painless. For seamless web-hosting, I recommend fully.

I LOVE Thrive Themes and it was a big decision I made to go with the Coaches Console Website and simplify my biz model. I still use  Thrive for my Blog and may at some stage reboot my thrive pages. When you join Thrive you join a 'family'. Meaning that they are always there to help and support. Shane Melaugh is a stand for Optimizing websites so that they are fast-loading and easy to create. Everything they do is done with intention. Always updating, creating and giving you so much for your hard earned dollar. No matter which WordPress Theme you use you can make it better with 'Thrive Architect' but if you are just starting out, get a Thrive Theme. (I have no affiliation with Thrive, just highly recommend them)

Sadly, if you use WordPress, something may inevitably go awry. You might change Themes and have a glitch, someone may do some work and miss out a piece of code. You might just want to make some changes and need a hand to get it done correctly. The guys at WPEZI are at your fingertips. when you go to the website you will see a chat box. Tell them what you want, make a quick payment and you're golden. I love the system these guys use and their service is impeccable. You are never left 'in the dark'. Once again, I have no affiliation, just a high recommendation based on work they have done for me.

Trello was one of my favourite finds. You can organize your whole life with Trello. Super simple to use, free and very intuitive once you get the hang of it. (so easy) Watch a couple of videos and then decide if Trello is for you. I LOVE Trello. (no affiliation) Be careful though, when you begin to see how others use it, it can become addictive. Wonderful thing is, people share boards, so if someone has a great system you can just pop it into your Trello boards and use it. Brilliant!




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You'll find more posts in the Blog section of my website specifically focused on money, mindset and marketing. And I'm always happy to hear from you if there's anything you would like me to add.

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