Are you ready to build a Business that supports the life you'd LOVE?


Do you want to:


  • Get more clients - so you can make a bigger impact
  • Make excellent money - and finally be free of money worries
  • Take a firm stand - for your Beliefs,  Values and Vision
  • Make a difference - to those who need what only you can offer
  • BE the Lifestyle-biz owner you've always known you could be




A lifestyle-business is whatever you want it to be. That is the point!  You get to choose exactly what you want to do and when! You might want to work locally, overseas or online. Do all three if it fits for you.


If you want to work weekends, you can. Work 3 days a week, Yes! Each week might be different from the previous one.  When you run your own show you make it work for you. 


What you won't be doing, is this:


  • You won't be chasing clients - You’ll attract dream clients who are happy to pay what you want


  • You won't be working 60 hours a week  - You’ll schedule your days and hours to fit in with your lifestyle choices.                   


  • You won't be selling your soul and wondering where clients will come from. You'll know what needs to be done each day to fill your practice and have the mindset to follow through on plans.


You'll get to experience a location free lifestyle-business with flexible hours that fit in beautifully with your desired lifestyle choices. Imagine deciding and choosing how you want the day to flow, every day. And you can. I do, and so can you. It's a matter of getting organized, systemized and fired up for success.




I primarily work with late bloomer Solopreneurs who are in their first few years of biz-building. Many of my clients have transitioned from another career entirely and suddenly being in control of their own business has been somewhat of a challenge. 


Especially when you're no longer '30 something' and never dreamed that you'd be starting afresh at this time in your life. Hiring me as your coach helps you to step back and discover what's important to you, and how you want to showcase (brand) yourself and your business.


Kelly (below) is a very good example of my dream client. She was a dream to work with and was extremely thrilled with her results. After working together she began to trust herself more and take steps that previously would have scared the living daylights out of her.




Kelly (62) worked with me after she lost her long-time executive position in a downturn and decided to set up her own consultancy business. She quickly discovered that the more she learned, the more she needed to learn. (ain't that always the way!?)


When she came to me, she was scared, disheartened and ready to throw in the towel.


Marketing was Kelly's nemesis, and her mindset around marketing needed a total reframe.


Within 28 days of us working together, Kelly created and implemented a personalised marketing plan that resulted in two new high-end clients and a list of potential JV partners. Now, this may not sound like much, but to Kelly at that time, it was a massive breakthrough. (Tip - start where you are.)


◉ WHAT'S NEXT - and what do I offer?


When we decide to work together, we tailor a package based on your specific situation, character traits and preferences so that you get exactly what you need when you need it.  (The one-size-fits-nobody packages aren’t available here.) I use methods that include NLP  and Meta-coaching that ensure cutting-edge coaching, and results you can bank on.


I invite you now, to take the quiz, read a blog post or three and then when you're ready, book a 'Let's Talk" session via my online calendar so that you can make an informed decision on your next best steps. 


  If you'd like to book your session sooner rather than later then please click on the image below. No cost to you except your time and genuine interest in transforming your life and biz.



 TAKE THIS FUN QUIZ and find out if you have what it takes to be a Rock Star Solopreneur!